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Collectible autographs that are crown jewels of Bicistar

Do you feel your collection is not complete yet? Welcome to see the gems in the cycling universe! This collection of cycling memorabilia is not just a stack of ordinary cards but some of the most prized collectibles found at Bicistar. They all have a story to tell, a piece of history you can proudly display while achieving bragging rights and the collector’s genuine gratification.

What stands behind this cycling memorabilia collection

We are all fascinated by autographs. With every signature you receive from an athlete or as a gift, your collection grows in size and value. Why not make it even more impressive with Bicistar’s jewels gathered for over 50 years?

The autograph collection is exquisite. You are sure to add value to your own one with the jewels of

the cycling world, including such legends as Antonin Magne, Louison Bobet, Ferdi Kübler, Hugo Koblet, Alfredo Binda, Fausto Coppi, and others. Their autographs are sought after due to:

  • The uniqueness of their handwriting – The distinct penmanship of these famous athletes makes each piece invaluable.
  • Scarcity – The number of handwritten pieces from cycling icons is limited, making them some of the most elusive collectibles in the world.
  • Authenticity– Every item is authenticated by experts, saving you from scams and second-rate collectibles.

Finding another bundle that comes close to our quality and authenticity is a challenge you no longer have to face. Buy the real gems today!

Care tips for collectible autographs

Cycling memorabilia are equal to works of art, and treating them with the same respect and care as priceless paintings is essential. Let us share some hints that will help you keep your pieces in mint condition after purchase:

  1. Keep your collection of cycling memorabilia away from harmful UV light and moisture, as both can cause fading or yellowing over time.
  2. Use acid-free autograph archival sleeves to keep out dust.
  3. Avoid touching the pieces with bare hands to fend off skin oil damage.
  4. If you showcase the autograph in a frame, use a double matting technique for extra protection against UV light and particles.
  5. Dust off your cycling memorabilia collection regularly using a soft brush.
  6. Inspect the pieces once in a while when taking them out. Any signs of mildew or pests should be handled right away.

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