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Welcome to a world full of tradition and excitement, where amazing personalities of the past with great deeds meet collectors’ wishes for authentic signed memorabilia in excellent condition. Our Cycling Autographs go way back to the pioneers of the world of cycling all the way into an era of the sport that was shaped by charismatic and unforgettable superstars. Dive into the past today and collect unique and 100% authentic autographs that were acquired with passion, stored with utmost care, and are just waiting for their next proud owner!

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Henri Pelissier, Winner Tour de France 1923
Henri Pelissier, Winner Tour de France 1923

Welcome to my Collection of Amazing Cyclists’ Autographs

Being a dedicated collector myself, I found my fascination in the cycling sport as a 12-year-old boy when I acquired my first autograph from my biggest idol, Hugo Koblet. Today, Bicistar is my passion project with which it became my mission to collect unique and authentic autographs from renown cyclists - especially Tour Winners and World Champions - from all aorund the globe, and bring these autographs to proud new owners that share my excitement for these memorabilia signed by the legends of the sport themselves.

Discover my Signed Photographs & Memorabilia of World-Famous Cyclists!

Go an journey with me back in time, when famous cyclists were children’s idols and forerunners of cycling enthusiasts around the world. These pioneers took one of the most important inventions in history and gave it a sportsman’s spin, transforming the landscape of bicycles into the sports-centered hobby we have today. These were the good old days when the world of professional cycling wasn’t tainted by scandals and drug abuse.


Back then, the sportsmen you see here only had their bodies, their bikes, and their ambition. On their pedals, they made history by accomplishing feats of strength the average human could only dream of. And they left many marks in history, least of which are the autographs they left on their photographs and memorabilia. Through these Cycling Autographs their spirit, passion, hardships, and triumphs live on and survive into this era, the next one, and the next one after that. Take part in preserving history - acquire these autographs today from a dedicated and conscientious collector!

Cycling Autograph by Felice Gimondi
World Champion Felice Gimondi

Old Cycling Photos: Documents from a Different Era

Vintage cycling photographs speak to us in the modern age through very special channels. They transport us back into a time before modern technology and communication. In terms of sports, the early and mid 20th century wasn’t shaped by optimized training routines, technologically perfected gears or very nuanced diets programs... back then, cyclists rather use their ambition, free spirit, and willpower to achieve their goals. They were not these distant superstars, but rather dedicated sportsmen from among the public. They were within our reach and let us take pictures... and they happily signed their photograph, collectors’ card, or portrait.


Many of the Cycling Autographs in my collection are the result of immediate fan-and-sportsman interactions. That’s why they feel so authentic; they are not massively produced signature cards that got circulated by the thousands. Each of the autographs carries its own little story. You can basically still feel the penstroke of the cycling legend’s still sweaty hands. These autographs are as real as they get - that is what makes them special not only to me, but hundreds of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Framed on the wall, in a photo display, or in a collectors’ album, these autographed pictures eternalize the courage and hardship of the men that shaped the world of cycling.

Cycling Autograph by Geraint Thomas
Tour de France Winner Geraint Thomas

Acquire Famous Cycling Autographs Today!

Alfredo Binda, Learco Guerra, André Leducq, Antonin Magne, Gino Bartali, Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merxck, Felice Gimondi, Miguel Indurain, Greg Lemond, Marco Pantani , Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas, Peter Sagan all of these names come from different eras and different countries, but they are all united in their passion for the sport of cycling. Offer a signed photo of one of these cyclists as a gift to an enthusiast of the sport and you will make their day; for example as a framed photo display for the wall, as part of an existing glass cycling autograph display, or to fill up a page in their photo album.


Explore my shop to see and purchase the various autographs I have acquired throughout the years: World Champions with their trophies,  Tour de France winners with their characteristic yellow jersey, Tour winners from all around the globe from various eras, with or without their bicycles, signed portrait photographs and cards, action shots mid-cycling, dedicated autographs to special persons... the world of autographs is a diverse and exciting one. 


Cycling Autograph by Oscar Egg
World Record Pioneer Oscar Egg

Bicistar: From one Cycling Enthusiast to Another

Do you have authentic cycling autographs that you would like to sell? I am still collecting, of course! I pay a fair price and love to add fellow cycling enthusiasts to my network of passionate collectors. 


Be very welcome to contact me if you have any questions! I usually ship within 1-3 days, postage depending on the item and target location. I have photos and cards in various sizes (10x15cm, 16x20cm, etc.) in store and each genuine hand signed autograph is specified with additional information about the item. There are many truly exciting pieces in my store - many extremely rare and hard to find - have fun browsing through all the signed cycling memorabilia!