Welcome to a world full of tradition and excitement, where amazing personalities of the past with great deeds meet collectors’ wishes for authentic signed memorabilia in excellent condition. Our Cycling Autographs go way back to the pioneers of the world of cycling all the way into an era of the sport that was shaped by charismatic and unforgettable superstars. Dive into the past today and collect unique and 100% authentic autographs that were acquired with passion, stored with utmost care, and are just waiting for their next proud owner!

Cycling Autographs
Henri Pelissier, Winner Tour de France 1923

Autographed cycling memorabilia to make the pride of your collection

Are you an avid collector filled with a zest for cycling? Are you someone who can’t take their eyes off the Tour de France? If this is all about you, Bicistar will spark your abiding interest. With your foot on the pedal, race into an abundance of authentic signed cycling memorabilia. They have been collected for the better part of a century and now await you.


Hark back to the 1950s with the photos of legendary athletes who have paved the way for the sport to become what it is today. Or make your collection complete with cycling autographs of the most recent Tour winners, like Tadej Pogačar, Geraint Thomas, and Chris Froome. Bicistar is a gold mine of memorabilia spanning through the decades.

Cycling Autographs
World Champion Felice Gimondi

Nothing but authentic signed cycling photos and cards

Rest assured that whatever catches your fancy at Bicistar is 100% genuine. As a lifelong collector myself, I cater to the uniqueness of my collection. There’s no chance that some autopen or pre-printed autograph makes its way into it. All these photos of the yellow jersey wearers and iconic cyclists of the past are proven authentic.


It’s not something you can snap up at a sports memorabilia store. Bicistar is a way to add some of the hardest-to-find rarities to your collection. Become the first and only fan to own the genuine hand-signed autograph photo or card featuring your favorite cyclist.

Cycling Autographs
Tour de France Winner Geraint Thomas

Acquire famous cycling autographs today!

Do you know someone who is obsessed with cycling? You’ve just found a perfect gift for him or her. Buy cycling autographs or other memorabilia that resonate with that person’s interests to make a present that they will want to keep forever. Please allow 1 to 3 days to get your coveted collectible shipped.


To infinity and beyond: Cycling Legends signed cards and photos for the true fan

Do you feel the wind in your hair and an urge to race as soon as you hear something about cycling? If nostalgia comes over you, you are in for a treat because nothing beats the thrill of collecting vintage cycling memorabilia. Whether you want a special item to spruce up your man cave or a one-of-a-kind gift for a fellow enthusiast, you will surely find something special at Bicistar.


Jean Aerts’ autograph or Alfredo Binda’s photo? Hugo Koblet’s signed picture or world champion Tom Simpson’s inspiring signature? From historical achievements like setting records on the track to fascinating portraits of some of your favorite riders, these pieces will be a great conversation starter for any admirer.


Each item can make you proud thanks to:


  • Rarity. Most Legends Signatures are difficult to find. They are a real treasure for any die-hard cycling fan looking to build a prized bicycle memorabilia collection.
  • Value. These pieces can bring back memories of the most significant victories in cycling history and showcase your strong connection to it. The value of cycling sports memorabilia on display goes beyond just monetary cost.
  • Design. Created in limited quantities, each item is a unique piece of its own, while genuine signatures from world-class athletes make them unrepeatable.

The added allure of rare cycling memorabilia

It’s no secret there is nothing like a spectacular cycling race. One of the most outstanding showcases of athleticism and endurance is undoubtedly the Tour de France. And now, you can bring the genuine race excitement and energy of professional cycling into your home with signed Tour de France memorabilia.


Hand-signed TDF photographs of Andre Leducq, Fausto Coppi, and other racers are increasingly treasurable. That’s because this type of collectible can skyrocket in value with each passing year. Due to the sheer difficulty and rarity of acquiring them in the first place, any true cycling fan knows they are a sound method to invest in a lifelong passion.


If you are a serious collector hunting for particular pieces of Tour de France’s good old days, you can get your hands on rare gems at Bicistar. They are A-grade, authentic, and nothing but impressive.


Pay homage to the legacy of cycling. Explore vintage pieces of cycling memorabilia for sale at Bicistar to create or expand your collection with legends, world champions, and other big names!

Bicistar: From one Cycling Enthusiast to Another

Do you have authentic cycling autographs that you would like to sell? I am still collecting, of course! I pay a fair price and love to add fellow cycling enthusiasts to my network of passionate collectors. 


Be very welcome to contact me if you have any questions! I usually ship within 1-3 days, postage depending on the item and target location. I have photos and cards in various sizes (10x15cm, 16x20cm, etc.) in store and each genuine hand signed autograph is specified with additional information about the item. There are many truly exciting pieces in my store - many extremely rare and hard to find - have fun browsing through all the signed cycling memorabilia!